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Frequently Asked Questions  

What is Project Green?

As an eco conscience nonprofit organization, whose mission is to develop and launch an annual "Back to Basics" Summer Camp program for underserved children and teenagers and kids in foster care by partnering with existing summer camps then sponsoring the kids to the camps.  Back to Basics will teach kids and young people how to interact with one another focusing on building self-esteem and awareness of the environment by incorporating challenging and fun activities

Additionally, Project Green will invest in and "Green Space Initiative" by protecting green space, initially within the Southeastern United States with plans for expansion into other regions and will develop organic gardens, playgrounds and kid parks on these properties.

What area of the country will Project Green be trying to help?

We will launch the Eco Summer camps in the South East at first (as this is where we are located) and then will expand nationwide as funds allow

Specifically, what cities will you be focused on helping?

There are NO specific cities… just the Southeast region for now.  We’ll most likely start in Georgia and Florida and expand from there… (again all depends on number of camps we are partnered with and number of kids we can “afford” to send)

Have you ever actually helped anyone?

Yes!  We have launched our Project Green's Back to Basic Summer Camp Program this summer 2018. For more on our current activities see Our Growth

It looks like you have many celebrity supporters, why do you need my help?

Our celebrity friends help us by donating their time, doing media interviews and PSA's and donating autographed items for Project Green's future fund raising events.  We need you to help us spread the word which will in turn help us gain more friends, supporters and hopefully donors!

How soon do you plan to put your plans for a camp into action?

We have launched our program this summer - 2018.  We have partnered with 3 summer camps and have sponsored children to these camps.

Will you have your own camp? If so, where?

 While we originally have planned on launching out own summer camps - we have decided against it.  The costs of launching and maintaining our own summer camps are too prohibitive and it is much more cost effective for us to partner with existing summer camps as we can help a lot more children this way!

What do you plan to teach children at your camp?

Project Green will make it a focus to ensure that the children who attend Back to Basics summer camp program receive instruction in green living, experience nature, and learn basic nutrition and life skills.

Why is summer camp relevant and important?

Summer camp allows children to learn to spread their wings by experiencing that little bit of independence that comes from being away from parents for just a little while.  It also allows children to strengthen their social skills, and learn about things like nutrition by growing then cooking their own food, exposure to music, and animals; which can ignite a love for nature.

What assurance do I have that my donation is really going to support the cause?

All our donors will receive a monthly email update on our progress.  100% of all donation funds will go to support the cause and to launching of the benefit concert.  At this time, our founders and board of directors are all volunteers and are not paid “employees” or “representatives” of the foundation. And this will not change until after the first benefit concert.  Our goal is to be a charity that allocates majority of all donated funds to the cause – NOT to salaries of our founders or board members.  This is how we launched our foundation and this will NOT change!

What does a typical day for a volunteer at Project Green look like?

All our members, volunteers and even founders are currently contacting current and potential donors to help raise more money for Project Green.

Why did you choose to raise money for a concert instead of just getting grants and donations to help the kids with?

Simply put, by raising money for an annual benefit concert, Project Green hopes to create a recurring source of revenue that can and will generate far more useful income to be put towards the cause.  While we will always welcome donations and put them to direct use helping the kids, the concerts are a way to jump start our abilities and maximize our efforts.

How soon can I buy concert tickets? Will there be any discount for previous donors or earlybirds?

All donor will be contacted first – as soon as we have the performer(s) and concert dates secured.  There will be donation levels – which will include concert tickets, VIP meet-and-greet and more.  Those will be announced at time of the launch of our crowd-funding campaign.

Who or What type of music can be expected at your benefit concerts?

At this time we are not able to share this information.  However we are talking with performers from all genre.

If I sign up for your email newsletter, how often can I expect to hear from you?

All members, donors, and newsletter subscribers will receive a minimum of one update per month but can expect to receive no more than one email per week.

Do you have social media?

Yes! Please check us out on Facebook or Twitter.

Still have questions?

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Interested in Volunteering?

At Project Green we love our volunteers.  Do you have administrative skills, gardening ability, or no skills at all? If you want to make a difference we have a place for you.

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